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Hoover Bathroom Design

A fresh bathroom design can give you the ultimate combination of beauty and function. The key is to hire a home remodeler with the right experience.

Custom bathroom design

Stop the morning battles! Get the best bathroom design ideas.
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We’ve got over a decade of experience transforming dull, old restrooms into charming sanctuaries. You can count on us to give you a beautiful bathroom that works well with your daily routine.

Bathroom Design Ideas

The most dazzling bathroom is only as good as its functionality. The best bathroom design ideas ensure this private space will flow perfectly. If your family struggles to get through their daily routine because there aren’t enough sinks, counter space or storage, the design isn’t right. Our home remodelers have over a decade of experience combining looks with function to ensure that the end result of our project will work as perfectly as it is beautiful.

Do you have kids that are constantly fighting over turns for the bathroom in the morning? Try separating the spaces within the bathroom design by giving the shower and toilet more privacy. They’ll be able to share the time without giving up their own personal space.

bathroom remodeling companyAfter a long day’s work, many people want to just come home and soak in the tub and forget that they have to do it all over again the next day. Our affordable bathroom design creates space-saving solutions that will give you a soaking tub that you never thought was possible.

We can use recessed cabinetry and accessories to offer more floor space for a tub.

Professional Bathroom Design Company

If you’ve got a tub you just don’t use, we can take that out and replace it with an over-sized shower that will accommodate more than one person at a time. This is perfect for busy couples with overlapping routines. Your bathroom design can offer big changes without a big budget.

Remodeling your bathroom can offer a huge return on investment. We provide fast, friendly service. Our contractors listen to your needs and develop a design that will meet, and even exceed, them. Get the best bathroom design in in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia and Mountain Brook, AL.